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Ten minutes to go, before the next show,

The suits are all packed and the masks are all racked,

The soldiers are waiting, Ed starts his story

The people are nearing their moment of glory.


Solomon races and Albright paces.

Get dressed in your suits. Yes over your boots,

You’re six feet tall, so don't try a small.

Oh Ripley the medic, I'm getting a headache.


Allocation of teams, Tech and Patrol, 

Science and Data, we’re out of control,

And numbers for sound off: one, two, three, four.

I’m not sure what’s next. Can I take any more?


We set off as Alpha, all giggles and fun

But soon there is danger and we have to run.

Are those scientists? No, just volunteers

It looks like they've been here for so many years.


The Doctor needs help, the Tardis is lost

I'm beginning to worry ‘bout the human cost.

The hay covers all and there's mud on the suits

No open toes, just big Wellie boots.


The music's so loud and the light is quite low,

This crouch I am in, is as far as I go.

The tension is rising, a shadow at the door

No wonder we're down here, all hugging the floor.


Instructions are given to help save our life

We mustn't blink, or there will be strife.


That angel is close and it soon becomes clear

Whatever your age you're still full of fear.

There's nowhere to hide, no sofa near by

I am going to grow up, I promise I'll try. 

We come through the mirrors and we're still alive

No time for shivers, let's have a high five

And just to round off this great hour of fun

One more sound-off and then you can run.


That doctor's a sport, he's written a letter

I'm beginning to feel a little bit better

The suits are ripped off, at the end of it all. 

We helped save the day and the world didn't fall.


The soldiers run off to gather their men

And do it all over again and again.

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